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Our main quality is consulting and service.

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We set great value upon a high quality and a great variety of our products and absolute reliability in counseling, selection and distribution. In uncompromising compliance with all legislation we work with sustainability, integrity, honesty and reliability. Therefore we emphasize on sustainable  production of the natural resource wood. We support a environmental friendly, sustainable, socially beneficial and economically acceptable cultivation of forests. For this purpose we are FCS®- & PEFC™-certified – because that is what we call quality, as well.

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FSC®: Forest Stewardship Council is an international non profit organization.

The Council (College) created the first system of certification of sustainably managed forests, runs it and developed it further.

The FSC® system for certification of forestry was founded to ensure the sustainable use of the forest; This includes maintaining and improvement of the economic, ecological and social functions of forestry. To do this, the FSC developed a general and internationally uniform standard, which consists of ten principles and criteria, and you can only apply if one these ten on a national level.

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PEFC™: The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (certification scheme for sustainable forest management PEFC™). This is an international forest certification system. It is the world’s largest independent organisation for the assurance and continuous improvement of sustainable forest management, ensuring environmental, social and economic standards.An important alternative certification system exist by the Forest Stewardship Council. (FSC®)


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